” To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”- Oscar Wilde

What is Valentine’s Day really?  Well, I’ve heard different definitions:

  • Celebration of love with your romantic partner
  • Buying your dog a new sweater
  • Taking your parents out to eat
  • Treat your best friend
  • Treat yourself (don’t mind me while I over- treat myself)
  • Plan a girls night out
  • Fancy dinner with your siblings/ favourite person or……
  • It means nothing, it’s a marketing strategy to get you to shop

I agree with all of the above points to varying extents. I used to think that the sole purpose of this day of love was to spend some quality time doing something special with your partner and if you’re single, well pour yourself some cheap wine and savour some Ferrero Rocher chocolates watching The Notebook (definitely not a personal experience). I’ve had some years where I wished I had a boyfriend to spend it with and some years where I was grateful I was single so I could spend all my money buying myself fancy things.  This year, I went big because go big or go home, am I right?

My cousin and I decided to book a trip to Toronto. I even took her out to dinner (At Kelly’s Landing) and bought her the cutest gifts I’ve ever bought for anyone (Fluffiest teddy bear, tiny red sweater for the bear included). At that point I realized, I guess for me, Valentine’s Day is about making someone you care about happy even if it’s just sending them a text message with sweet words about how grateful you are to have them in your life, taking them out for dinner or buying them a little something.

By the Old City Town Hall
CN Tower

Even though I have some people in my life that I absolutely care about and want to make happy, I realized that making myself happy was part of the celebration too, hence the Toronto valentine getaway.

The places we visited and would absolutely recommend:

  • Ripley Aquarium
  • CN Tower
  • The Rec Room (Food & Arcade all under one roof)
  • Eaton centre (Shopping)
  • Eggspectation ( one of the best brunch places I’ve been to)
  • Wildflower (Club- underground basement style with pretty interior décor)
  • Niagara Falls obviously (Cliffton Hill has all the fun you need- Mirror maze, Haunted House, Ferris Wheel, Arcade games, 3D rides, Guinness Records museum etc)
Niagara Falls

Ripley Aquarium

By the Lake Ontario
Brunch at Eggspectation

No need to add, we don’t need only one specific day all year to celebrate ourselves, family members, friends and bae.

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  1. I really like this post! What a fun idea, I definitely agree that Valentine’s Day isn’t solely about romantic relationships. Also, your photos are super fun!

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