She experienced desolation in a monochrome and she is experiencing happiness in a monochrome. As she sat by the beach on the warm sand, feeling its soft texture and how it just fell through her fingers, she thought about the memories of her childhood. As a little girl, she would beg her parents to take her to the beach and even if it was rainy or cloudy, she insisted on swimming.

Sometimes, she would just bathe alone as she loved the touch of the water on her skin as well as how the sea water defined her curls better than any shampoo she ever used. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore made her feel good and she experienced a feeling of blithe about that moment, about life and everything else really. As she was looking at the flock of birds flying above the clear turquoise blue water, it reminded her that somehow at that point in her life, she was a free spirit just like them.

She couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of nature. How could the sound of the waves be so soothing? How could the flock of birds be flying in such a coordinated V-shape? How could the sand be so soft and warm and calming at the same time? How could the temperature be so perfect as if the sun and the breeze were complementing each other? The environment and the scenery made her feel unknotted and she would not rather be anywhere else.

Even though she is in this place for a short period of time, she knew she would remember this moment and the bliss that the beach brings forever as a lot of the aspects in the scenery reminded her of her own life and how it changed a multitude of times over the last years.

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