“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”- Paulo Coelho

It’s a brand new year, 365 more days to make memories, mistakes and friends but moving forward with what 2018 taught me. I believe that every single year we are a different person and as the years pass, we become a better and stronger person with all the accumulated wisdom from the preceding years about ourselves and how to use those to make the future days better.

2018 was both my best and worst year so far. I had some incredible experiences and some of them were too good to be true but I also had times where everything seemed hopeless. It was packed with mental breakdowns, ‘crying to sleep’ nights, overwhelming days to get through or just having to lay low kind of days. Even though I could not see the bigger picture back then, now looking back at those days, I feel grateful because they have changed me in ways that I didn’t think was necessary for my personal growth. So here is what 2018 taught me:

If you think that you are not good enough, think about your mom’s or dad’s perception of you . They see you as this person for whom they have this abundant love box in their hearts and they know that you were born for only good things. Even if life’s challenges get in the way and nobody seems to believe in you, they always have your back and will be your number one fan no matter what.

Sometimes we tend to get frustrated or intolerant towards other people’s behaviour. I’ve realized that we fail to try to consider their intentions or life situations that may be unknown to us so we jump to conclusions and assume that they are behaving a certain way because they want to hurt us or just do not care. I’ve learned that everybody is doing the best they can at their own level of consciousness and in fact I feel that nobody really knows what they are doing so the best thing we can really do is to be patient and mindful of different perspectives.

If you came back home after a tiring day and still have to study for that midterm and submit that assignment and everything is just so overwhelming and you just feel like crying, then go to your room put some mellow music on and cry and let it all out. I can’t promise that it will make you less tired but personally after doing that I feel like I’ve let go of some kind of burden which was weighing me down and creating a weird feeling in my chest. I actually felt refreshed after crying for about 5 minutes.

We often tend to suppress sad, weird, negative and scary feelings because facing them seem to be impossible or too hurtful. Try closing your eyes and actually feeling the sadness and fear and focus on them. It feels uncomfortable at first but it gets better with time and actually makes you feel more in control. For me it is a way of accepting and acknowledging that I am sad and scared but knowing that it will be okay.

I could go on all day but I’ll save some learnings for another post.

But as you start this year off, know that everything will be alright, even if you don’t know it yet, it will eventually all be okay.

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